WhatsApp vs Email Marketing: Which is best for customer success

WhatsApp vs Email Marketing

Email open rates have been dropping at your business?In this article, we will walk you through the detailed comparison between WhatsApp and Email marketing and see which works best for customer success.

WhatsApp is currently a leading business communication platform. In addition to a superior communication platform, WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business is also an excellent marketing tool that can promote your business to excellent heights. In this article, let’s briefly look at WhatsApp Promotional Messages and showcase 15 must-have templates that can help your business marketing strategies. So we suggesst you to try lot of possibilities to WhatsApp VS Email Marketing

What are WhatsApp promotional messages? | WhatsApp vs Email Marketing

Since over 2 billion people use WhatsApp, the platform has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses to reach people across the globe. Any message that businesses use to promote their business through WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business can be defined as a WhatsApp promotional message. This can include deal/offer notifications, product announcements, the latest updates, new events, etc. Since WhatsApp has a 97% message open rate, WhatsApp promotional messages are more effective than other forms of promotions. This is one of the main reasons why many global leaders have started marketing via WhatsApp.

Can you send promotional messages through WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not allow businesses to send direct marketing messages or newsletters to attract customer attention. Since September 2021, however, WhatsApp Business will enable businesses to send product/service promotion messages & deals to their customers in the form of template messages. These template messages (or business-initiated messages) must be pre-approved by WhatsApp to ensure that they adhere to their business & commerce policies.

One of the best ways to send promotional messages via WhatsApp is through groups or broadcast lists. A business owner can create separate groups for each customer segment and send targeted messages to attract their attention. One can also create a customized broadcast list with relevant customers to send personalized promotional notifications in bulk.

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