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WhatsApp Business Web: All You Need To Know

WhatsApp Business web you through everything you need to know about from setting it up and using it, to troubleshooting common issues. We’ll also be going to different from WhatsApp for phones and what the benefits of using them are.

WhatsApp has grown into a leading communication platform with more than a billion active users. which helps users use WhatsApp on their desktops & laptops, provides excellent cross-device communication support. which facilitates business communications through desktops, has also become a popular feature. Therefore, it is critical for companies to learn how to utilize it to the best of their ability. This article is a brief guide on and helps companies understand the feature efficiently.

What is WhatsApp Business Web

WhatsApp created WhatsApp Business to help companies communicate efficiently with their customers. That is a feature that allows companies to connect with their customers through desktops & laptops. It also provides companies with the ability to synchronize multi-device business communications and offer instant support to their customers.

WhatsApp Web vs WhatsApp business web

In principality, there aren’t many differences between the basic WhatsApp Web & WhatsApp Business Web. Both applications are designed to provide excellent cross-device communication capabilities for companies. Since the WhatsApp Business app was specifically created for assisting companies, it offers better tools, options, and functions for business communication management. This allows your company to have efficient and well-organized conversations on the fly.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business web for your business

Companies can benefit more from using WhatsApp Business Web because it offers a few more features. As a company owner, you should consider switching to WhatsApp Business Web because

  • It provides all the facilities offered by WhatsApp Web like broadcasting & voice/video call facilities.
  • It allows your team to log in to four unique devices with a single account allowing you to provide instant customer support.
  • It allows you to send ‘Greeting’ & ‘Away’ messages to customers directly from the PC or laptop.
  • You can showcase a much more detailed profile with details like location, website address & business hours.
  • With WhatsApp Business, you can see all the data & statistics necessary to create exciting communication/marketing strategies.

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Tips and tricks to use WhatsApp Business web

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of using WhatsApp Business’ web feature, it’s also important to learn how to use it efficiently. Here are a few key tips for companies who are planning to use WhatsApp Business Web to communicate with their customers.

Collaborate With Your Team

Since WhatsApp Business Web allows four team members to simultaneously use a single WhatsApp profile, your company can create a seamless & highly collaborative work environment. This allows your team to communicate effectively and offer instant assistance to customers.

Make Use of Automation

WhatsApp Business Web allows your team to send Greeting & Away messages. This is a major advantage because it allows you to save time & focus on core tasks while also ensuring the best attention & support for all your customers.

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Make Use of Automation

WhatsApp Business Web allows your team to send Greeting & Away messages. This is a major advantage because it allows you to save time & focus on core tasks while also ensuring the best attention & support for all your customers.

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Gain Unique Insights

Most WhatsApp Business Web users fail to properly make use of the data and statistics offered by WhatsApp Business. By using this feature, you can gain comprehensive insights into your business’s customer behavior & activity. These insights will allow you to make smarter decisions for improving the performance of your business.

The ultimate guide to setting up WhatsApp Business Web (for all devices and browsers)

In this section, we’ll offer complete guidance on how to integrate WhatsApp Web with your WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business via the desktop app (Windows)

WhatsApp Web’s desktop version for Windows can be easily integrated with your WhatsApp Business account in just a few steps:

Step 1 – Visit Microsoft Store & search for ‘WhatsApp Desktop’

Step 2 – Download ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ by clicking the ‘Get’ button.

Step 3 – Once you install the application on your computer, you will see a QR code that can be scanned.

Step 3 – Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ application on your phone & go to Menu.

Step 4 – Click ‘Linked Devices’ -> ‘Link a Device’ & use the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on your desktop.

Step 5 – Once scanned, your phone will be connected to your desktop application. You can freely use the application now.

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WhatsApp Business via the desktop app (Mac)

Also be used on your Apple Mac systems. The steps are similar to the Windows – WhatsApp Business integration.

Step 1 – Visit the Apple AppStore & search for the ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ application.

Step 2 – Download ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ & install the application on your MacBook.

Step 3 – Much like the Windows application, you will see a QR code that can be scanned.

Step 3 – Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ application on your phone & click ‘Settings’.

Step 4 – Click ‘WhatsApp Web/Desktop’ & use the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on your desktop.

Step 5 – Once scanned, your phone will be connected to your desktop application.

WhatsApp Business in your browser

If you need to use Web instantly, you can simply open in your browser & connect it to your phone. This is the best option when you or your team is using a public system.

Step 1 – Open your browser and visit

Step 2 – You will see a screen with a scannable WhatsApp QR code.

Step 3 – Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ app on your phone.

Step 4 – Tap on ‘Menu’ & select ‘Link a Device’ from the ‘Linked Devices’ menu option.

Step 5 – Scan the QR code using the scanner and connect the desktop to your phone instantly.

WhatsApp Business via a Chrome extension

If you are using Google Chrome, you can also use one of the several extensions available to use your WhatsApp Business account on your desktop. There are also several extensions that enhance your experience by adding additional features.

Step 1 – Open the Google Chrome Webstore by visiting

Step 2 – Select your preferred extension (There are several extensions like WAToolkit, WA Web Plus, Cooby, etc.)

Step 3 – Download & install the selected extension.

Step 4 – Connect your WhatsApp Business account by either logging in through the extension or scanning the QR code.

To scan the QR code, go to Menu – Linked Devices – Link a Device.

Step 5 – Your WhatsApp Business account will now be connected to your desktop.

WhatsApp Business Web using the WhatsApp Business API

While the WhatsApp Business application can provide excellent assistance for small to medium companies by allowing up to 4 active users per account, it might not be enough when they start to grow. That’s exactly when the WhatsApp Business API comes in. The API, as the name implies, is an application programming interface that was created by WhatsApp to help larger corporations & enterprises. Since it doesn’t have a front end like the basic WhatsApp Business application, companies need to partner with WhatsApp Business Service Providers like ChatPro to create their unique WhatsApp API account.

The API allows your company to connect multiple devices to a single account and offers a collaborative Shared Inbox option that allows the team to streamline their processes. There are also a bunch of automation features that come with the API. This makes it an excellent investment for companies that are looking to grow beyond their current domains.

WhatsApp Business Web: Frequently asked questions

Can I use WhatsApp Business Web if I have a personal account?

No! You can only use WhatsApp Business Web with a account. If you have a personal account, you can purposes but it doesn’t offer the same level of features/customization options as WhatsApp Business Web.

Can I use WhatsApp Business Web on multiple devices?

After the recent 2022 update, WhatsApp Business now allows business owners to connect a single WhatsApp Business account to up to 4 devices. Through this feature, multiple users can manage a single WhatsApp Business account efficiently.

How to import contacts into WhatsApp Business Web?

Any contacts that you save on your primary device (phone) will be directly imported to your (no matter whether you use the WhatsApp Web application, browser tab or extension).

Note: There are no options for directly adding a contact from your desktop through WhatsApp Web currently. However, this can be circumvented by using WhatsApp Business API as it allows you to create custom applications for specific purposes.

Now that you’ve learnt about the benefits of WhatsApp Business Web, start using WhatsApp on your desktop to double your productivity & revenue. If you are looking to grow your business with WhatsApp, you can also reach out to our ChatPro team for a consultation.

Top three ways to integrate WhatsApp to your website

Integrate WhatsApp to your website your business uses , here’s a quick tutorial for adding WhatsApp to your website. With a simple click of a button, customers can contact you with questions or set up appointments.

With over three billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is currently considered one of the best communication platforms of today’s generation as the app has become a vital part of people’s daily lives. Since most people are familiar with the app, it has become a great business communication tool for companies across the world. WhatsApp Business, the business app from WhatsApp, is preferred by most small and medium businesses that want to connect with a large group of clients and customers. While integrating the business app or the API is the first step, there are a lot of additional steps that your business can take to maximize the potential of using WhatsApp Business.

Why should you integrate WhatsApp into your website?

Many business owners use WhatsApp Business but they forget to showcase that they provide the ability for customers to communicate through WhatsApp. One of the ways that they can do it is by integrating WhatsApp into their website. Integrating WhatsApp into your website can offer several significant benefits to your business. We’d like to outline some of the most critical ones here:

Increase engagement on your website

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp greatly improves customer engagement. This is simply because it is the most popular app. Today’s customers expect businesses to proactively reach out to them. Rather than incorporating some other communication platform, integrating WhatsApp will help businesses to have one-to-one communication with interested customers on a platform that they are familiar with. A WhatsApp button on your site also increases the trust factor between your business & customers, which will further increase engagement.

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Keep in touch after visitors leave your website

A WhatsApp integration on your website will basically be akin to adding a live chat tool to your site. While both might be synonymous in nature as they offer several similar features, there is a significant difference. When a customer raises a query through live chat, they have to stay on the page till they receive an answer. This is a two-way sword as it both tests the customers’ patience and increases the stress on your customer service team. Since WhatsApp routes all the chats to the app, you can answer the query even when your customer leaves the page. This way you can stay connected with your customers longer and build lasting relationships.

Give personalized assistance in the customer’s own language

WhatsApp helps businesses cater to the demands of their customers in their own language. As people are increasingly becoming mobile-first, businesses need to ensure that they can provide better customer service by communicating in the customer’s language and even by providing help in the native language. Integrating WhatsApp into your website will allow you to reach customers across India and offer personalized assistance to them in their native language.

Share rich media content with customers easily

With Instagram, YouTube and other visual platforms taking a center stage in today’s digital communication scene, customers expect businesses to incorporate visual media in their customer service portfolio. WhatsApp helps you to engage with your customers efficiently by sharing images and videos with them. From simple product images to demos and visual guides, WhatsApp can help you elevate your customer service offering and provide a better customer experience.

The top three ways you can integrate WhatsApp into your website

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of a WhatsApp integration on your website, we would like to outline three major ways to do that:

Add WhatsApp link to website (Click to chat)

One of the simplest ways to incorporate WhatsApp into your website is by creating and adding ‘Click to chat’ links. Once a visitor or a customer clicks on the link shared on your website, they will be transported to a WhatsApp chat screen either on their phone or on WhatsApp Web. This allows them to directly chat with you or any of your customer support executives. Some WhatsApp service providers like ChatPro, even allow you to add personalised messages to greet the customers.

Steps to generate WhatsApp link with ChatPro

  1. Enter your WhatsApp Business Number with Country Code on the WhatsApp Link Generator page.

whatsapp link generator

2.   Add a personalised message (optional) and preview the content. This can help you connect with your customers better.

Add personalised message

3.   Click on Generate my link to generate your unique WhatsApp Business link and a unique QR code.

Copy your WhatsApp QR code generated and publish it


Chat through WhatsApp’s QR Code

QR codes are the latest addition to WhatsApp’s ever-expanding list of features. It allows your business to simplify both online and offline customer acquisition. With ChatPro, you can generate a unique WhatsApp QR code. You can simply paste the WhatsApp QR codes to your website and they can be easily scanned by interested customers. QR codes can also help you boost your offline engagement as they can be pasted in physical stores and other locations.

Add WhatsApp Chat Button to the website

The next popular method of WhatsApp integration is adding a WhatsApp chat button. When compared to links, chat buttons are preferred by businesses because it allows for more customization. WhatsApp chat buttons also show up much more prominently on the website and thus can be noticed by customers easily. ChatPro also allows businesses to easily create personalised WhatsApp chat buttons. Let’s look at the steps below

  1. Add your WhatsApp details including the business number, business name and an availability tag. This availability tag represents the status.

Generating WhatsApp Chat Widget

2.  Customise your widget: You can add a Business Logo or a unique chatbot avatar; a personalised welcome text that will be displayed when your customer lands on your screen.

Customize whatsapp chat button

3.  Add a generic question and a list of options to further help your customers (optional).

FAQs for your WhatsApp Chat buttonWhatsApp Chat Widget Preview

4.  Choose the placement of your widget and add a customised Trigger Message.

5.  Click on Generate Widget Code and embed the generated website code on the desired webpage. You can also enter your email address to get your widget details in your mail.


WhatsApp Website Integration: Automate WhatsApp Chat on your website.

One of the most unique selling points of WhatsApp is its ability to help automate customer conversations. Both WhatsApp Business, which was created for small businesses, and WhatsApp API, which was created to help enterprises, allow businesses to automate their customer support.

WhatsApp API does it better because it seamlessly integrates with your business CRM and allows your business to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for the customers.

Automated Notifications

With WhatsApp API, you can create pre-approved template messages that can be sent as automatic notifications to customers. These include greeting messages, away messages, broadcasts and other custom notifications that can be set up in response to specific customer actions. These allow your business to be responsive and capture customer attention immediately. For more about automated notifications, you can read our WhatsApp Notifications blog.


WhatsApp API allows your business to send quick auto-replies to your customers. These quick replies are a set of predefined messages that you can create based on what your customers are frequently asking about. By creating good auto-replies, your customer support team can instantly solve customer queries. To know more about automatic replies, check out our blog post.

Shared Inbox

ChatPro’s WhatsApp API integration allows your entire customer support to view all your customer conversations on a single screen. In addition, it also allows for a collaborative environment where conversations can be labelled/tagged and sent to the respective team/executive instantly.

Automated Chatbots

For growing businesses, WhatsApp chatbots are a definite must because it allows them to completely automate an entire conversation flow with little to no human intervention. By creating questions and answers/lists of options that can guide your customers, you can generate an automated response system that lets your customers solve their problems faster. And what’s better, ChatPro allows you to do it easily without any use of complicated codes.

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Start to Integrate WhatsApp to your Website with ChatPro Today!

There’s no doubt that integrating WhatsApp on your website offers great returns. So, don’t miss out on all the benefits that WhatsApp integration can offer. With ChatPro, integrating WhatsApp into your website is easy. So add WhatsApp chat to your website now and boost your revenues now!

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25 WhatsApp Business Auto Reply Message Samples (Copy Now!)

WhatsApp Business Auto Reply Message if you’re thinking about using auto reply on WhatsApp for your business, this post is just for you. Learn how to set it up, how to write WhatsApp auto reply messages and make use of auto reply samples!

WhatsApp Business has currently become a mainstay in the Indian business communication and marketing field. With its wide functionality and easy-to-use nature, it is already considered one of the most successful business communication platforms in the digital space. This is further enhanced by the variety of features that it has to offer. One of those features is the auto-reply messages for WhatsApp.

What is Auto Reply in WhatsApp Business?

As the name implies, WhatsApp Business’ Auto Reply feature enables businesses to pre-set messages that can be sent to customers automatically once a set of criteria is fulfilled. When it comes to WhatsApp Business, the app allows businesses to set Greetings and Away messages. You as a business owner can choose to add variables like customer name, date & time to ensure a personalized experience for all of your clients. The auto-reply feature also makes it possible for you to send pre-written messages directly from the WhatsApp Business app.

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How to write an effective Auto Reply Message for WhatsApp Business

To write an effective WhatsApp Auto Reply message, it is important to pinpoint the purpose of the message. Since WhatsApp has the highest message open rates in today’s digital world, business owners should study their customers’ journeys and create the best auto-reply messages that will not only assist them but actively guide them.

Businesses should also make sure that their auto-reply messages are engaging and on-point. If they don’t, they risk alienating their user base and lowering their brand value. This is a risk you can’t afford to take as the last thing you want to do is lose one of your most important customers. Since auto-replies can differ based on a specific set of scenarios, there is a need for businesses to research and identify the right keywords and variables that need to be accounted for. By doing so, they can not only create relevant and action-oriented messages but ones that have the best chance of engaging their audience.

Here are 25 WhatsApp Business Auto Reply samples to help you out

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of implementing automatic reply messages, let’s take a look at some of the most relevant auto reply message templates. Click on the icon next to each message to copy the template to your clipboard!

Away auto reply message

Thank you for reaching out to us! We will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope that you have a great day!


After-working hours auto reply message

Hello! Seems like you’ve reached out to us while we are away. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back at the office.


New product launch auto reply message

Thanks for showing interest in our latest product <product name>. We value your relationship and hope to connect with you shortly.


Order confirmation auto reply message

Thanks for ordering <product name>. We have processed your order and expect the delivery to take place within 2 working days. You can track the order using <Code>.


Sales and promotion auto reply message

Dear customer, thanks for reaching out to us. We will get back to you shortly. As part of our Summer Sale, we are running offers on various products. You can check them out here – <URL>


Holiday auto reply message

Happy Diwali! Our team will respond to your query as soon as possible since we are busier than normal.


FAQs auto reply message

Hi there! Seems like you raised a query. Our team will contact you to answer the query as soon as possible. You can also check out our FAQ section <Link> to get some relevant information that you might find useful.


Online service features auto reply message

It looks like you’ve enquired about <feature name>. We will reach back to you as soon as possible. You can also check out our service information page to find relevant information.


Review requests auto reply message

Dear <customer name>, we would like to hear your feedback about our services. Kindly share your experience on our <Link> and help our customer services team get to know about your experience.


Delayed response auto reply message

Hi, thanks for reaching out to us. Due to increased workload, our team might not be able to respond immediately to your query. We would like to apologize in advance.


Refund auto reply message

Hi <customer name>, we have received your refund request. Our team will review the request and get back to you. You can read our refund policy to understand whether your product is eligible for a refund.


Travel enquiry auto reply message

Hi there, we have received your enquiry about our holiday package. One of our agents will reach out to you to plan your next trip.


Vehicle service booking auto reply message

Hi customer, we have received your service booking request for <Vehicle name>. Our service technician will pick up your vehicle shortly.


Food order auto reply message

Bon Apetit customer, your food order has been confirmed. We will notify you when our partner picks up the order for delivery.


Doctor consultation auto reply message

Hi <customer>, your consultation with <doctor name> has been scheduled for <Date and Time>. Kindly share your reservation number <reservation ID> with our reception when you arrive at the hospital.


Admission enquiry auto reply message

Hi there! We have registered your interest for admission. Please fill up the form to book your interview slot. You can find more information about our admission policy here <Link>.


Service subscription auto reply message

Hi, thanks for subscribing to our <service name>. We are pleased to welcome you to our family. You can check out some relevant content on our blog <url> and you can also download the app to get regular updates about our services.


Transaction auto reply message

Hi <customer name>, we regret to inform you that your latest transaction has failed due to insufficient balance. You can try again using a different mode of payment.


Opt-In auto reply message

Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us. We will get back to you shortly. You can also choose to opt-in to receive relevant information about latest offers, new products & services.


Enrollment auto reply message

Hi, thanks for enrolling with our <organization name>. We are pleased to welcome you to our family. You can download the app to receive regular updates about our services.


Feedback auto reply message

Hi there, we appreciate your feedback. We will get back to you shortly. You can also choose to visit our FAQ page to get some useful information.


Abandoned conversation auto reply message

Hi there, we would like to close this conversation since we haven’t received any input in the last <time>. Please feel free to reach out to us again if your issue is unresolved.


Technical issue auto reply message

Hi <customer name>, we are currently experiencing a delay in communication due to some technical issues. Please hold on and we will get back to you shortly.


Property enquiry auto reply message

Hi there, we have registered your interest in buying our <Property name>. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly to provide further information.


Insurance claim auto reply message

Dear <customer>, we have received your insurance claim request and we are happy to help you. However, we need some more information from you to process the claim. Our insurance agent will get in touch with you shortly.


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Setting Up Auto Reply with WhatsApp Chatbots

By setting up automatic replies in WhatsApp Business, business owners will be able to instantly reply to their customers and maintain a significant level of trust and reliability with their customer base. To help businesses streamline their communications across all interfaces, WhatsApp has also enabled automatic replies in its chatbot, which can be created using the WhatsApp API application interface.

One of the benefits of enabling automatic replies in WhatsApp chatbots is that it not only allows owners to add text messages but also media as replies instantly. It also enables them to create a list of options that customers can choose from and translate that into unique conversation flows that can be easily automated.

To set-up automatic replies in WhatsApp chatbot, you have to partner with a WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) that offers an easy-to-use WhatsApp interface and tools to create conversation flows.

Automate messages on WhatsApp Business with ChatPro

ChatPro, one of the leading WhatsApp BSPs in India, has experience in developing, deploying and customizing WhatsApp chatbots and interfaces.  With the latest technology and expertise, it enables businesses to not only create custom chatbots but also automate their customer conversations for efficient customer engagement. In addition to helping businesses with automatic replies, ChatPro can also provide invaluable guidance on WhatsApp template messages, list creation, data migration, analytics and much more. So, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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Top 10 WhatsApp Business Tools in 2022

What is WhatsApp Business used for?

For people who aren’t familiar with WhatsApp Business Tools, it is the business communication platform that was launched by WhatsApp, the world’s No. 1 text messaging platform. WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Business API were developed to help businesses seamlessly connect with their customers through text, voice & video communications and proactively offer real-time assistance to them. Since it has around 1.5 billion active users,  it is one of the best platforms to attract new clients, engage existing ones and expand your brand identity.

In addition to being a superior customer support platform, WhatsApp Business is also an excellent marketing tool that can grow your business. With WhatsApp Business, your business can:

  • Reach more customers through chatbots.
  • Engage customers on a more personal level with automated messages.
  • Improve your brand image with instant resolutions.
  • Promote your products & services through rich product/service catalogs.
  • Share latest news/deals with broadcast lists.

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What are WhatsApp Business Tools?

The WhatsApp Business platform is a sound communication tool that helps businesses connect with customers. However, the native iteration of the platform offers only basic communication support that might not satisfy all the needs of a specific business. For example, e-commerce businesses that wish to curb cart abandonment might not see excellent benefits by integrating just the WhatsApp Business API platform. They might need a tool like chatbot that can offer more personalized customer support and increased engagement. With a good WhatsApp tool, your business will be able to simplify its marketing efforts and communicate more effectively with your customers.

Top 10 WhatsApp Business Tools

The following is a list of some of the most used WhatsApp Business tools in 2022. This list will help you identify the tool that is critical for your business growth and integrate it to improve your processes.

WhatsApp Shared Inbox by TimelinesAI

The WhatsApp Shared Inbox tool from TimelinesAI helps businesses manage WhatsApp chats across several devices & profiles on one screen. This helps increase the collaboration between your teams and ensure seamless issue resolutions for all your customers. In addition to enabling single-window chat management, the shared inbox can also help your business integrate WhatsApp chats into Salesforce, PipeDrive and other service providers.


  • Manage personal & group chats from a single screen.
  • Ability to label chats & set follow-ups/reminders.
  • Enables mass messaging features using CSV files.


  • Slow chat loading speeds and minor bugs.
  • No feature to auto-assign tasks based on specific conditions.
  • Mass messaging supports limited numbers and the starter plan only allows 50 messages per month.

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No-code WhatsApp Bot by chatPro

chatPro’s no-code WhatsApp chatbots are the best in the business because it provides endless customization and excellent automation. The company’s USP is creating unique and engaging multilingual bots that cater to specific business domains and purposes. In addition to automated no-code chatbots that offer 24/7 support, the company also provides a superior no-code workspace that takes care of all lead generation and customer support needs.



  • Since it is a new platform, businesses might take some time to get completely acclimated to its features.
  • If no other user is added, all chats are assigned to the same user.
  • Limited opportunities when it comes to integrating & managing WhatsApp groups.

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WhatsApp Business APIs by offers excellent WhatsApp Business integration support to businesses and enables them to completely manage customer communications using WhatsApp. The platform also provides WhatsApp integration support to several leading CRMs, social media and messaging tools.WATI’s USP is its ability to provide custom WhatsApp API solutions to businesses based in several domains including e-commerce, real estate & healthcare.


  • No fee for setting up WhatsApp Business APIs.
  • Provides access to rich media messages & interactive buttons.
  • Single platform for managing customer queries, template messages & WhatsApp broadcasts.


  • Some customers have noted that the message dashboard & message sorting function are slow & do not update in real-time.
  • WATI adds its own branding on the chat widget since it is not part of their subscription.
  • Webhooks & some other features are not part of the basic plan.

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Bulk messages from WappBlaster

WappBlaster is a leading WhatsApp marketing service provider that provides WhatsApp bulk messaging support for businesses. The automation platform helps businesses create target WhatsApp broadcast lists and send template messages in multiple languages. An intuitive user interface and anti-blocking algorithm for bulk WhatsApp messaging are its unique selling points.


  • Multilingual messaging capability.
  • Provides access to rich media messages & interactive buttons.
  • Single platform for managing customer queries, template messages & WhatsApp broadcasts.


  • The reporting process is not elaborate and does not have demographic filters.
  • Cannot edit already sent messages & change typos/grammatical mistakes easily.
  • Sending videos & HQ photos might slow down the bulk messaging process.

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Customer support widgets from Callbell

Callbell is a chat management service provider that excels in offering custom WhatsApp chat widgets for businesses. The company helps businesses create & integrate chat widgets into websites and other channels and take control of customer conversations. The company also provides WhatsApp chat management solutions to businesses and helps them connect with their customers seamlessly.


  • Free chat widget installation. The company only charges for the channels that businesses chose in their plan.
  • Ability to continue conversations even when the customer leaves.
  • Easy and quick widget installation.


  • Past conversations will take a while to load and some conversations might get lost.
  • Reduced ability in sending voice messages or large files.
  • No integration with Google +

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Surveys from Outside Voice

Outside Voice is a company that specializes in building structured data layouts using WhatsApp API and creating premium surveys. The company lets businesses build targeted video, audio and text surveys & forms through WhatsApp. This allows them to get much more meaningful and deeper responses from their customers.


  • Ability to run video surveys through WhatsApp.
  • Can be deployed quickly and easily, and it doesn’t need mobile web.
  • Collates and shows all responses in a single window.


  • Since it is a survey platform, there are less CRM/social media integration opportunities.
  • There are also limited opportunities for AI automation & insight generation.
  • The company’s response-based pricing system can make it an expensive option for small businesses.

Virtual WhatsApp environments from Boxy

Boxy is a physical device that can help create a GDPR compliant WhatsApp environment. It helps users in remote locations connect to WhatsApp without worrying about the GDPR regulations. Since Boxy is designed to work as a complete WhatsApp console, it can connect to computer accessories like webcam and keyboard.


  • Creates a GDPR compliant WhatsApp environment.
  • Can connect to webcam, monitor and keyboards to act as a comprehensive WhatsApp web system.
  • Small and easy-to-use box design that can be carried anywhere on-the-go.


  • Physical devices are prone to hardware issues and damage.
  • Limited opportunities for mobile integrations.
  • Could be considered pricy because it is a physical device.

WordPress WhatsApp plugin from Userlike

Userlike is a company that offers excellent WhatsApp integration opportunities for WordPress plugin. With Userlike, businesses can integrate chatbots, buttons, forms and other WhatsApp features into their WordPress websites easily. The company provides plugin plans that suit the need of every business.


  • Provides integration assistance to CRM tools for a unified messaging solution.
  • Offers multilingual chatbot creation assistance.
  • Provides options to integrate and use on mobile phones.


  • WhatsApp widgets with all the features are only available in the costliest plan.
  • Advanced automation options are limited.
  • The interface is not intuitive and it might take some time getting used to it.

Reminders from Reminders

As the name implies, Remindex is a leading reminder software that helps people and businesses track their activities, mark expiration dates and set reminders to help them finish the activity within the deadline. With WhatsApp, Remindax will help businesses send automated alerts & reminders to their customers. Businesses can also set multiple customized reminders with minimal effort.


  • Set personalized automated reminders & notifications.
  • Excellent automation assistance to help send reminders on-the-go.
  • GDPR compliant and secure messaging support.


  • Limited opportunities for analytics and insight generation.
  • Options for making bulk changes are limited.
  • Some clients have informed me that the customer service response time is rather slow.

Web chats from EazyBe

EazyBe is an extension that allows businesses to engage in web chats with their customers through WhatsApp easily. The tool allows businesses to select phone numbers and start conversations immediately with their customers. This helps them to instantly connect with their customers and generate a personalized customer experience efficiently.


  • Easy one-click WhatsApp conversations from your website.
  • Helps businesses connect with customers without the need to save their mobile numbers.
  • Easy to set-up and run. Provides a free plan.


  • Limited integration opportunities since it is an extension.
  • Little to no ability to engage in multilingual conversations.
  • Data tracking & analytics options are highly limited.

Limitations of having Multiple WhatsApp Business Tools

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most popular WhatsApp Business tools and identified the benefits that they provide, you might be tempted to choose all of them in a bid to increase your profits. However, it is not advisable because each tool has a distinct use case and it is better to choose the best ones that suit the needs of your business. There are several limitations in choosing multiple tools, they are as follows:

  • It is expensive – Many WhatsApp Business tools will require you to buy a monthly or annual subscription plan to access all their features and use all their services. This can make it more expensive, especially for small and medium businesses.
  • It will be confusing & counter-productive – It will not be easy for you to manage multiple WhatsApp Business tools or make informed decisions about how each tool performs. Issue resolution will also become an issue as your team has to be in touch with multiple vendors.
  • They may interfere with each other – Some businesses have noticed that their multi-tool integration might interfere with each other and cause problems when it comes to managing conversations, sharing files and sending broadcast messages.
  • There might be a lack of innovation – Many businesses that had used multiple WhatsApp Business tools have informed that they suffered from a severe lack of innovation simply because they didn’t have the time to analyze their business needs and their requirements through proper planning. This means that they might be using obsolete tools that are difficult to upgrade. This might hinder their progress and even lead to poor results.

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