PPC Packages: Affordable PPC Management Pricing & Plans in India

If you are new in the online market, you’ve to wait a lot to get your first lead from search engines. In case you want speedy results for your efforts, you have to go with PPC packages. But, Always trust PPC experts when it comes to PPC services. There are many so called PPC experts who will do it wrong and your money and efforts will be wasted. At RankON Technologies, we have Google ads certified professionals having more than 8 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns for international clients.

Quick Results With Better ROI With Our PPC Pricing Packages

Pay Per Click Advertising is the best and quickest way to generate leads for your business. As image shows, when you start running ads on Google your ads start appearing in front of your buyers thus you have great chances to get leads.

To run ads on Google you need a website or landing page where visitors can land after clicking on your ads. PPC advertising costs a bit higher than other digital marketing methods but provides quick results. You will be charged for every single click you get on your ads in Google. RankON Technologies offers cheap yet effective PPC marketing packages for small to large-scale businesses. Our team of experts keeps monitoring the results your ads are getting and takes required actions during PPC ads optimization to increase ROI. When you partner with RankON Technologies for PPC services you get top quality PPC strategy to outrank your competitors.

Small Size Packages

8,000 INR / MONTH

Mid Size Business

15,000 INR / MONTH

Large or Ecommerce

20,000 INR / MONTH

Why PPC?

Why Our PPC Packages Are Affordable?

Our Google Ads Marketing Pricing categorization helps us to deliver the results which our customers expect from PPC Services.

Our Google Ads Pricing Packages include 3 PPC Packages in India. Our PPC Packages enable our clients to achieve their Google ads marketing goals while being in full control of advertising cost. Read more to find out how our PPC packages will help you to create a better PPC marketing strategy in a very pocket friendly way.

Budget Control

There is absolutely no minimum investment required to create a Google Ads account or run a Google Ads campaign. When you start advertising on Google, You have full control over your budget as you can increase and decrease your ads spend according to your PPC budget.


You can either scale up or scale down on the basis of the performance of your Google Ads Marketing campaign. You can scale ads, control the cost inflows and can maximize the results of your best performing ad campaigns.


You can thoroughly analyse the success of your Google ads campaign with the help of analytic tools. You can also determine the number of clicks on your Google ads, about the users that clicked on your ads and much more.


Audience with an Intent is likely to search on Google. Therefore, it provides a platform that gets you connected directly to the target audience through Google ads marketing in India.

Average CPC

In Google ads, Keywords decide how much price you need to pay for every click you get on your ads so you can say Keyword is the factor that affects the Google Ads Pricing. For better information, Please check below given 2 images to know the cost per click for a web development and ecommerce business.


In Google ads, Keywords decide how much price you need to pay for every click you get on your ads so you can say Keyword is the factor that affects the Google Ads Pricing.

What Do Our PPC Packages Include?

We will research keywords based on your niche and if relevant, location Our main goal is to ensure high quality keyword optimisation to improve your click-through rate.

We can set up your bids and competitor base, after researching prices and also competition based on the chosen keyword or keywords. Our bidding my incorporate manual and automatic bids and your chosen PPC package will dictate the budget spent.

We ensure your ads are running at optimal times for your business. Some businesses may benefit more from weekend advertising than others and we’ll be sure your campaign scheduling reflects this.

Local businesses want to attract local customers and geo targets helps with this. We can set your ads to target your specific region as well as have more far-reaching ads for the whole of the UK or further afield. Online serve providers can have worldwide targeted ads or those in areas you have pinpointed as target customer bases.

Negative keyword optimisation is something people often forget, especially if they’re not working with a professional partner. We will find your negative keywords and enter them into your Google and Bing advertising accounts to help boost your PPC profits.

Once your adverts are active our work doesn’t stop there. We will make sure to check in and analyse the success of every campaign. We’ll tweak and change prices, as well as keyword optimisation and setup to maximise the chance of positive results. We will also monitor bid costs, CTR, clicks and keyword position, working to improve your position at all times.

What To Check When Buying PPC Packages

Pay Per Click is a Short term process and you should be aware of the services you are getting in your PPC packages.

you don’t compare the PPC plans? Then you may not find the right PPC plan for your business promotion.

If you are searching online for the best PPC packages then here are the things you should check when buying PPC packages from a PPC company:

Perfect Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is the most important part of any SEO campaign and if you fail to research the most suitable keywords then you will not get the desired results you are expecting from your SEO campaign.

Google Ads Pricing

CPC is the amount you have to pay when any visitor clicks on your ad. Every keyword has a different CPC. As you are aware of the Google ads process so let’s discuss how much a click will cost you in Google ads.

Certain Pricing for Google Ads?

If your question is how much does Google Ads Cost for your business then, the answer is “No” as there is no certain or fixed pricing in Google Ads for business types. Google ads cost may vary from business to business.

Perfect Content Development & Marketing

Content is the king these days so you should have a perfect content development plan included in your PPC package. Content should be unique and should help your readers with the information they need.

Competitor Analysis

If your PPC company is not offering competitor analysis then you should avoid using their PPC packages as without knowing what is helping your competitors to rank better it’s nearly impossible to beat them.


Reporting is the most important factor you should be looking for when buying PPC packages online. Monthly reports help you to evaluate the work your PPC company is doing for you.