WhatsApp for sales: 13 tips to boost your business

whatsapp for sales If you own a business, it’s important to consider using multiple platforms to market and advertise your business. WhatsApp for Business can help you find new ways to connect with customers and promote your business.

In 2022, WhatsApp has become a critical factor in determining a company’s sales & marketing efficiency. As one of the leading digital communication platforms today, WhatsApp Business is being used by many companies across the globe. While there are several guides that touch on WhatsApp communication strategies, there is very little guidance on how to use WhatsApp Business to boost a company’s sales. That’s why we created this article to provide valuable tips that could help both new & old company owners.

Why choose WhatsApp Business for sales

Before we start with the tips, let’s look at why WhatsApp is a natural choice for companies that are looking to boost their sales. With over 2 billion users currently active on WhatsApp, the platform competes with modern sales-oriented channels like Google, Facebook, etc. In addition, WhatsApp allows companies to have personalized communication with each and every client. This makes it a much more effective platform than its contemporaries. All of these are accentuated by the fact that WhatsApp Business has a host of features like broadcasting, shared inbox, automation, etc., that allows companies to market their products & services in a much more engaging manner. This is why businesses that have adopted it as their sales channel have been raving about the power of it.

13 Tips to Boost Sales with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business, like any other platform, can yield the best results only when it is used efficiently. The following tips & tricks will help your company boost sales with WhatsApp Business:

Use official WhatsApp number with WhatsApp Business API

Any experienced businessman would know that business revenue is built on trust & transparency. So it only makes sense to have an official, verified WhatsApp number for your company. This adds a green verified tick to your WhatsApp profile and builds trust with your clients instantly.

  • Use WhatsApp Web

Since WhatsApp Business allows you to use four devices, you need to consider using WhatsApp’s desktop application, WhatsApp Web. Since many small and medium companies prefer managing their business processes using a desktop or laptop, it might not be efficient to switch between using WhatsApp on the phone and other tools on the desktop. WhatsApp Web can also be accessed from any device running a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Add customers to broadcast list

Sending bulk messages to customers and clients is one of the most effective ways to market your product instantly and boost sales. WhatsApp broadcast lists allow businesses to add thousands of customers who can be notified instantly about any business update, announcement, news, product launches, sales, etc. By using a broadcast list you can avoid the tedious & irritating process of sending a message to each and every client individually.

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Send interesting content

WhatsApp is a platform that allows you to personally connect with each customer. As a company owner, you should not waste this valuable opportunity to educate your clients and engage them with useful content. This allows you to build meaningful connections with customers and turn them into valuable leads. By keeping your content unique & interesting, you will be able to boost sales and generate new leads in no time.

Automate your replies

In a time where customers expect instant resolutions, failing to use WhatsApp automation can end up hurting your sales. With just a few taps, you can set up automated replies in WhatsApp so that your team can instantly answer any customer queries on the go. This allows your clients to feel important and valued.

Establish your product visibility

Make your product more visible by using features like WhatsApp catalog. Showcasing your product image, price & other details through catalogs to the right customers can help boost your sales immensely. This also helps your clients understand your products better and makes them feel more valued.

Use the power of Facebook ads

While WhatsApp alone can significantly increase product exposure & sales, combining the platform with Facebook ads can significantly amplify your sales. If you already have a significant amount of followers on Facebook, you should consider leveraging this network through Facebook click-to-chat campaigns.

Earn customers loyalty

To enhance your business profits, it’s important to build loyalty among your customers. You can create periodical events, offers & deals through WhatsApp Business to further strengthen your company’s loyalty. When these customers feel appreciated, they will turn into repeat customers.

Share link to your shop

WhatsApp allows companies to create online shops with existing product catalogs. The links to these shops can be directly sent to customers either through personal chats, groups or broadcast messages. You can also showcase these links on your brand websites & offline stores to boost visibility & sales.

Use Links & QR Codes

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you can direct traffic to your online store with the help of WhatsApp links & QR codes. Since most offline stores can be busy, sending customers directly to your WhatsApp profile will create a much more welcoming environment that can result in a sale. Furthermore, you can also use this opportunity to send customers a virtual map of the nearest outlet where they can pick the product they want to purchase.

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Use custom automated lists

Many companies fail to see the benefit of post-sales assistance. There’s no better time to collect customer opinions than right after a sale. WhatsApp is the perfect medium because it allows you to create customized automated lists that can be used to collect important information that can help create an actionable strategy to increase sales.

Constantly analyze & innovate

Much like all marketing & sales campaigns, WhatsApp Business strategies also need to be constantly analyzed based on the most recent set of customer data. Many WhatsApp Business Partners like ChatPro enable businesses to collect a wide range of data about their customers and help them build a 360-degree view of their clients. This allows you to keep a closer watch on their needs, interests, behavior & preferences to identify new sales opportunities.

Schedule your process

Creating a comprehensive schedule for all your sales & marketing communication is critical to delivering the best results. This not only helps you schedule important tasks such as launching new products or updating your pricing strategy, but it also makes it easier for you to manage communications & track your goals and results. Organizing your customer lists & scheduling messages can help eliminate last-minute mistakes and missed updates.

Focus on re-engagement

It is well-known that remarketing products & services to existing customers can boost your sales significantly. You can create custom WhatsApp broadcast lists with first-time customers and notify them about similar products. Alternatively, you can add people who’ve abandoned their carts and send custom offers to them. The possibilities are endless.

Things to avoid when selling on WhatsApp

In addition to the tips mentioned above, companies should also be aware of the following points and avoid them.

Don’t try to sell all the time

While WhatsApp allows companies to share notifications and information about deals/offers, it doesn’t allow them to openly share marketing communications & newsletters. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that not all of your communications are sales-focused. This can also irritate the customers and make them block your company’s profile completely.

Avoid sending (too many) bulk messages

There’s no doubt that WhatsApp broadcasts can provide immense benefits for your company. However, it is important to do it in moderation. Sending unnecessary bulk messages can reduce your brand’s authenticity and lead to customer loss. Use this strategy properly to avoid losing customers.

Avoid generic greetings

While creating your automatic greeting messages, it is important to ensure that the messages are engaging and intuitive in nature. Only when customers connect personally with your greeting messages will you gain their trust. Avoid using generic messages or common phrases, especially in automatic greetings & broadcast lists to ensure a warm & personal touch.

Don’t forget to get feedback.

Customer feedback is the lifeline of any business. You can collect it through several methods, such as direct questions in chats and through surveys. However, you should make sure that you are actually listening to what your customers are saying. The trick is to create a culture where feedback is seen as an opportunity to improve your services and products.

Don’t be rude or inappropriate

While this might seem obvious, it’s something that deserves a second mention. WhatsApp’s commerce & business policies are strict. So, it is important to make sure that none of your brand messaging violates the platform’s policies. Violations can result in temporary and permanent bans from WhatsApp, which could be a major detriment to your business revenue.

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What Do All These Mobile Marketing Definitions Mean?

Mobile Marketing Definitions Mean?

What Do All These Mobile Marketing Definitions Mean? To many people, the term mobile marketing is often thought of as simply some form of advertisement sent to a mobile phone from a company or advertising service. At one point, this definition might have been correct, but mobile marketing has moved the simple act of delivering an advertisement to a mobile phone.

In fact, the term mobile marketing can now be considered something of an umbrella term to cover all the delivering or receiving information with their target audience through a mobile device. The Mobile Marketing Association has recently updated their definition of mobile marketing to show this change.

Their definition states: “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive through any mobile device or network.” Increasingly, mobile marketers are shifting from pushing content to the consumer to a new model which is more interactive the consumer in an interesting or meaningful way.

There are many advertising methods which fall under the category of mobile marketing:

* Mobile Web Marketing

* Location Based Services

* SMS (short message service)

* MMS (multimedia message service)

* In-Game Marketing

What Other Types Of Advertisements And Mobile Marketing Definitions Do You Need To Know To Succeed?

Mobile web marketing consists of serving advertisements on websites specifically designed for mobile devices. This is a very common form of mobile advertisements and has been steadily growing. Many people access the internet through their smartphones and these phones do not usually have a full-scale browser to view the webpages. In order to the owners of the websites create customized versions of their webpages which are specifically suited to being viewed in the browsers of mobile phones.

Since these pages are not the same as the regular webpages, new advertisements are provided for them. Advertising on these mobile web pages ensures that the ads are viewed by those using mobile devices. Usually, if clicked, these ads will take the viewer to the mobile optimised page of the advertiser. Companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are among the largest companies selling advertising space on their mobile.

A location-based service is one that allows an advertiser to send advertisements or other information to a mobile device based on its physical location. which are able to track the general location of a mobile phone user through the process of triangulation. The mobile phone user has their GPS system turned on, that will also serve to identify their location in a much more specific way.

Once the network is able to find out where the user is, the advertiser can send out an ad-based on that location. For example, someone is walking down a street with a Starbucks on the corner, the location-based service can recognize that the person is near a Starbucks and send them an advertisement for the store. A more passive version of this is to locate a physical base station in a specific location. When someone comes into the vicinity that has authorized the network to send them messages.And the base station can send location specific information or advertisements to their mobile device.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing are advertisements served through text messages. It’s a very common form of mobile marketing and one that can work in both directions. Advertisers can send messages to a network of mobile users all at once, while mobile users can send text messages back to the advertiser’s short code. The short code is the 5 or 6 digit number than many advertisers use in their SMS communications.

One common example is after the earthquake struck Haiti, people were encouraged to text a message to 90999. That five digit number is the short code for the American Red Cross. That code numbers are valid for all mobile carriers in a specific nation. They tend to be expensive so generally they are used by larger businesses.

MMS marketing

MMS marketing is similar to SMS marketing but allows for more than simple text messages. Users can send pictures, video, or audio as well as texts to the company running the campaign. In some instances this can be used in real-time, such as Motorola joining with the House of Blues.

In-game marketing are increasingly common with the rise in popularity of online games. One of the more common uses for in-game marketing are to provide relevant advertisements to a target population. For example, car companies often place in-game advertisements as banners in car racing games to advertise their brand or a specific car.

This looks like it is part of the game, but the placement has been paid for. Another form for marketing is sponsorships of events or statistics. For example, Old Spice sponsors a statistic in the football game Madden 11 called Swagger. This coincided with the release of their new deodorant, also called Swagger.

As shown by the Mobile Marketing Association’s definition, mobile marketing covers a wide spectrum of activities. When mobile technology shifts and grows, the definition of mobile marketing has to grow along with it.