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Tamizha Training provides a wide range of Technical and Application oriented courses designed to suit every skill level, as well as the capability to consult directly with organizations to tailor made learning strategies for any number of employees. Our various product services and solutions have a wide demand and are pertinent in varied positions including network administrators, systems analysts and architects, test engineers, software developers, help desk staff, IT managers, senior executives, administrative assistants and business professionals.

Our Program
Our courses features extensively classified errands and real-world scenarios as in just a matter of days you'll be more dynamic and also will be espousal of new technology standards. The main objective of our training program is to provide the world with skilled human resources who are proficient to practice and provide solutions in an ever-changing technology world. At Tamizha Training, we also consider that self-awareness and the capability to constantly reflect on one's own personal dynamics are significant to the growth of effective professional skills. To accomplish this aim, trainees are asked to employ themselves in a process of personal exploration with their trainers and role models. In this sequential process, mentors will encourage trainees to discuss and replicate upon how their experiences, personal traits, and interpersonal skills related to their professional execution. Mentors take care to create a training relationship characterized by trust, safety, and respect. They also take care to differentiate between training and supervision. As always, the focus of the training session is always directly related to the trainees’ professional performance and development.

What We Follow
We at Tamizha Training work hard to accomplish this goal by using a robust and well-researched proven training methodology. We constantly expose our candidates to a wide range of real life professional role models, mentors, and trainers while in this process they develop a professional identity that is uniquely their own.

We should always keep in mind that each trainee brings with them a very own unique skill accompanied with his inherit capabilities. Our trainers identify and boost up candidates to inculcate and develop these while sharing with other trainees. Our mentors provide a suitable, graded sequence of empirical learning activities during the training period. Candidates are likely to accomplish escalating levels of sovereignty and convolution in their succession from the role of student to the role of entry level professional. By the end our exclusive corporate training program, Tamizha Training makes experienced profession filled with new zeal to face the next project challenge with adequate buoyancy.